Top level speakers, coming together for the first time at PerformanceIN Travel & Leisure 2012

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What's being said?

Finally! Thanks to a4u we will have a dedicated travel event that will bring together the growing, creative and innovative travel community

It will be the perfect forum to discover, dissect and discuss the latest technologies, tools, products and strategies within Travel Performance Marketing

Alexia Arrizabalaga

What's being said?

What great news, having a travel specific event for performance marketeers!

As one of the largest sectors for performance marketing, the travel and leisure industry needs a focus and who better to provide that than the A4U team who have done so much for the affiliate industry. This is sure to be a must-attend event

Ewan Darby

Who will be there?

We are expecting key performers from the Travel and Leisure verticals including well known travel brands, publishers, networks and agencies alongside technology providers and affiliate management specialists.

What to expect

  • Access to all conference sessions
  • Access to the exclusive Brand Showcase
  • Breakfast, refreshments, hot lunch and drinks.
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities
  • Real and actionable strategies to take away.
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About the event

PerformanceIN Travel & Leisure is a fresh, one day performance marketing conference, focusing exclusively on the Travel & Leisure verticals…

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